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1. Hoover TwinTank Handheld Steam Cleaner, WH20100

Hoover TwinTank Handheld Steam Cleaner, WH20100



Product Description

At Hoover, Our Standard For Clean Is Always Set On HIGH. The Hoover brand is continuing that tradition with its new family of TwinTank Steam Cleaners. These steam cleaners are designed to clean and refresh your entire home, while conveniently removing tough stains and everyday dirt and grime. These Hooversteam cleaners offer a unique approach to steam cleaning by utilizing an adjustable control TwinTank system, which allows the user to clean surfaces of their home with steam alone, or with Hoover SteamPlus Cleaning Solution. Fingertip controls on each Hoover steam cleaner makes cleaning tasks simple with the flexibility you want and the true clean you deserve. The TwinTank Handheld Steam Cleaner has been designed to meet the needs of almost any above-the-floor cleaning task. Unlike competitors that rely only on steam, Hoover provides a proprietary 100% biodegradable formula solution that allows the HooverTwinTank Handheld Steam Cleaner to OUT CLEAN other handheld steam cleaners1. With 10 accessories and tools included to clean tile, grout, appliances, countertops, windows, and more, it’s no question this steam cleaner will make cleaning your home easier.

Clean Every Area of Your Home – An all new powerful and bacteria killing cleaning tool has arrived. Meet the Hoover® TwinTank™ Handheld Steam Cleaner, a portable steam cleaner that combines with Hoover® SteamPlus™ Cleaning Solution to deliver a one-two punch on harmful bacteria and tough stains & spills around the home. Our SteamPlus™ Cleaning Solution is tough on stains and spills, but 100% biodegradable and non-toxic, so it’s safe to use around your family.

Our TwinTank™ system gives you the ability to clean with steam alone or with Hoover® SteamPlus™ Cleaning Solution to OUTCLEAN* other handheld steam cleaners. No area around the home is off limits with a host of specialized tools and accessories available to take on every surface around the home. With that kind of versatility and cleaning power, it’s no question that Hoover is turning the heat up on around-the-home cleaning.

Unlike other steam cleaning products, the ability to use a safe and effective cleaning solution allows the Hoover® TwinTank™ Handheld Steam Cleaner to OUTCLEAN* other handheld steam cleaners. Steam alone cannot clean every spill or stain without an extended exposure time. Keeping an average steam cleaner on one spot long enough to completely clean a stain with steam alone may risk damaging your surfaces. The unique Hoover® SteamPlus™ Cleaning Solution included with this steamer allows for a quick and effective clean, aided by the heat and ease of steam.

Product Features

• TwinTank™ System- Lets you clean with steam alone or with Hoover® SteamPlus™ Cleaning Solution, it’s your choice, just adjust the Solution Control dial
• Outcleans* other handheld steam cleaners
• Kills** greater than 99.99% of Salmonella***. Limited Disinfectant
• Portable and easy to use with a host of tools and accessories for all your cleaning needs.
• Pressurized steam cleaning makes cleaning easier than ever
• Clean every area of your home

Included Accessories for All of Your Cleaning Needs:

Hoover Steam Cleaner

Bathroom cleaning tools
Hoover Steam Cleaner

Wide-reach wedge tool and pad
Hoover Steam Cleaner

Fabric and glass tools
Hoover Steam Cleaner

Multiple nylon and wire brushes
Hoover Steam Cleaner

Detailing wand and pad

Hoover TwinTank Steam

Included garment cloth is perfect for steaming and refreshing fabrics
Hoover Steam Cleaner

High heat steam quickly melts away stubborn spills on non-porus surfaces
Hoover TwinTank Steam

Brush attachments help to deep clean tile and grout
Hoover TwinTank Steam

SteamPlus Solution is NSF approved for rinse-free cleaning on eating surfaces
Hoover Steam Cleaner

Clean and refresh every area of your home with multiple attachments
Hoover Steam Cleaner

SteamPlus cleaning solution effectively disinfects while keeping your family safe

*When used with Hoover® SteamPlus™ Cleaning Solution. Compared to other handheld models tested on sealed hard surfaces per FCTP-0288p.
**With steam alone, on hard non-porous non-food contact surfaces per owner’s manual instructions.
***Salmonella enteric ATCC 10708

2. Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum



Size Name:Pack of 1

Make your cleaning experience easier and more comfortable with the Hoover CH30000 PortaPower commercial lightweight canister vacuum cleaner! This reliable commercial vacuum can clean tight places and large spaces with its fabulous features. As a canister vacuum the CH30000 can be used for detailing as well as to extend long distances with its 33′ long power cord. You can vacuum stairways, down halls, and around sharp corners with ease. At 8.3 lbs. the CH30000 canister vacuum weighs less than the average 6th grader’s backpack, which is 18.4 lbs.! With its lightweight design, using the CH30000 can be a breeze and reduce fatigue. Not only does the CH30000 vacuum cleaner have a built-in blower, but it also can be used to clean up hard-to-reach places such as up draperies, upholsteries, and even in your own vehicles. The CH30000 can use both a reusable commercial cloth bag and a paper dust bag, allowing you to switch and alternate between cleaning jobs. For example, a cloth bag would most likely be used with sharper objects and paper bag for dust clean-up.

3. Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Stick Vacuum, BH53310, Silver

Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Stick Vacuum, BH53310, Silver



The HOOVER ONEPWR Cordless Blade is a cordless powerhouse that delivers the freedom and versatility you need to clean anywhere, any time. Powered by our exclusive ONEPWR Lithium-Ion battery, you can now clean longer, charge up faster and maintain full power for a continuous clean from start to finish. Equipped with the exclusive dual cyclonic DustVault System, Blade captures 99% of dust and fine particles with No Loss of Suction. Plus, The HOOVER ONEPWR Blade is designed with a completely removable dirt cup that makes clean-up even easier. With the push of a button, customizing your clean is a breeze with Eco Mode and the Twin Helix Brush Roll that’s engineered for optimal cleaning performance on any floor type. Blade is part of the HOOVER ONEPWR cordless cleaning system, an innovative family of cord-free, high-performance cleaning products that share the same powerful Lithium-Ion battery for cleaning in and around the home. From hard floors and carpets to upholstery, patios and more, there is a HOOVER ONEPWR product to help you get a complete clean without being tethered to a cord.

4. Hoover Type Y Allergen (3-Pack), 4010100Y 3PK Y Allerg Bag

Hoover Type Y Allergen (3-Pack), 4010100Y 3PK Y Allerg Bag



Size:One Pack

HOOVER Type Y Allergen Bag (3-Pack), 4010100Y

5. Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH71250

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH71250


6. Hoover CH01005 PortaPACK Carrying Bag

Hoover CH01005 PortaPACK Carrying Bag



Easily transport your Hoover CH30000 Commercial PortaPower lightweight vacuum cleaner in this CH01005 carrying bag. Its padded adjustable waist strap secures the bag to the user to prevent shifting from side to side during use. This Hoover CH01005 PortaPower carrying bag features a convenient storage pouch perfect for holding tool attachments extra vacuum bags and other cleaning accessories

7. Hoover UH73550PC React Powered Reach Premier Upright Vacuum Blue

Hoover UH73550PC React Powered Reach Premier Upright Vacuum Blue



Hoover REACT Powered Reach Premier Upright Vacuum UH73550PC combines the power and suction you trust, with intelligent cleaning technologies to deliver The Ultimate Clean. Automatically. FloorSense Technology utilizes micro-sensors that detect changing floor types and automatically adjusts brush roll speed for the best results on any floor type. Powered Reach features our Powered Lift System which gives you greater access and further cleaning reach without having to move furniture, and is complimented with the tools you need for a whole home clean. Compatibility with the Hoover App allows you to customize your cleaning experience, access tips and tricks and maintain your vacuum for optimized performance. Additionally, the new WindTunnel Surge and Multi-Cyclonic Technology for No Loss of Suction capture dirt, dust and pet hair. Hoover REACT Powered Reach was created with active families in mind – now you can clean easier, so you can get back to what matters most. Your filter should be rinsed every 4-6 uses

8. Hoover Hose, Upper Uh70200/Uh70210

Hoover Hose, Upper Uh70200/Uh70210



This is an O.E.M. authorized part. Fits various Hoover models. OEM Part Number 303239003. Made in United States.

9. Genuine Hoover WindTunnel Upholstery Tool & Dusting Brush T-Series 303205001

Genuine Hoover WindTunnel Upholstery Tool & Dusting Brush T-Series 303205001



UH70200, UH70106, UH70140, UH70116, UH70205, UH70115, UH70100RM,
UH70107, UH70120, UH70105, UH70110
Brand New!!!
Fits The Following Models
Original Part Number 303205001
UH70200RM, UH70600, UH30300, UH71009, UH70110RM, UH30600, UH70130,
Hoover T-Series Upholstery Tool
Includes One

10. Hoover Canister Vacuum Cleaner 9" Wide Floor Brush

Hoover Canister Vacuum Cleaner 9" Wide Floor Brush



Works With: Hoover S3001 S3001-001 S3003 S3003-001 S3003-030 S3005 S3005-001 S3005-020 S3005-030 S3057 S3059 S3059-030 S3061 S3061-030 S3073 S3073-030 S3077 S3079 S3079-030 S3079-035 S3081 S3083 S3073-030 s3093 S3121 S3125 S3125-035 S3127 S3129 S3131 S3131-030 S3133 S3135 S3137 S3139 S3139-035 s3141 S3147 S3149 S3153 S3159 S3161 S3165 S3167 S3169 S3171 S3173 Hoove S3181 S3183 S3185 S3187 S3187-030 S3189 S3191 S3195 S3195-030 S3199 S3201 S3203 S3205 S3205-022 S3205-032- S3207 S3209 S3209-022 S3211 S3213 S3215 S3217 S3219 S3233 S3237 S3239 S3241 S3245 S3247 S3257 S3259 S3261-022 S3263 S3265 S3267 S3269 S3269036 S3271 S3271-036 S3271-060 S3271-070 S3273 S3275 S3277 S3277-040 S3279 S3281 S3273 S3283-040 S3289 S3291 S3293 S3293-022 S3295 S3299 S3300 S3332 S3341 S3345 S3391 S3393 S3393-020 S3393-040 S3395 S3395-040 S3397 S3399 S3401 S3403 S3403-022 S3405 S3410 S3420 S3423 S3425 S3425-060 S3429 S3431 S3433 S343435 S3439 S3439-070 S3441 S3441-031 S3441-070 S3443 S3445 S3479 S3483 S3485 S3485-070 S3487 S3491 S3493 S3499 S3501 S3503 S3505 S3509 S3510 S3511 S3513 S3515 S3517 S3519 S3520 S3520 s3521 s3523 s3525 S3527 S3530 S3531 S3533 S3535 S3536 S3545 S3547 S3549 S3551 S3553 S3555 S3557 S3559 S3561 S3563 s3565 S3567 S3569 S3571 S3573 S3575 S3577 S3580-050 S3585 S3591 S3592 S3595 S3601 S3603 S3603-040 S3605 S3606 S3607 S3608 S3609 S3610 S3611 S3612 S3613 S3614 S3615 S3620 S3623 S3625 S3627 S3629 S3630 S3631 S3633 S3635 S3636-050 S3639 S3640 S364


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